What to Expect from Mohs Surgery for Skin Cancer

The Miracle of Mohs

Approved and recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, Mohs surgery has a 96% to 98% success rate in eliminating skin cancer, especially in delicate body areas such as eyelids, nose, lips, hands, feet, and even genitals. 

Using the Gold Standard for Your Cancer Cure

Almost a century ago, instead of digging out tumors that often grew back, young Dr. Mohs began carefully slicing tumors in layers, checking each under the microscope, then repeating until the edges were totally free of cancerous cells. 

What to expect from Mohs today, you wonder? Streamlined since the old days, your procedure to eliminate skin cancer is completed in the office within a few hours using local anesthesia.

Healthy tissue is preserved with the goal of helping you be the best you can be!

All You Need to Do to Prepare for Mohs Surgery for Cancer

You share information with the doctor about your medications and health conditions, and the office provides written directions for the week before the procedure.

That day, you dress in layers of comfortable clothing. Bring snacks, your phone charger, and something to do while the lab analyzes each tissue specimen the surgeon removes. Your results are available that day.

What to Expect from Mohs 

When it’s over, post-op recovery is what you’d expect. You rest, keep the area clean while the bruising and swelling heal, and you watch for possible signs of infection.

Many people are delighted to discover that the surgical site becomes nearly invisible!

It’s Your Time Now to Get the Results You Want

What to expect from Mohs – success! Our staff has the training and experience needed to give you the best experience possible.

We’re experts not only in precise cancer removal surgery, but in lab analysis and cosmetic reconstruction. Contact us today at 678-505-8030 to learn more about Mohs surgery for skin cancer.