Keloid Treatments in Acworth

There are scars, then there are keloid scars. These scars don’t always fade with time, and some over-the-counter products even make them worse!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to live with keloid scars forever. Take a look at keloid treatments to finally remove that scar.

What Are Keloids?

Keloids are textured buildup of scar tissue on your skin from injuries like burns, punctures, and even acne.

The way a keloid looks varies from person to person, and they are usually found on places like your cheeks, chest, and earlobes.

However, you can get a keloid scar on any part of your body. They are almost impossible to remove with over-the-counter methods and home remedies.

How Are Keloids Diagnosed?

A board-certified dermatologist can normally diagnose a keloid by just looking at it. However, if your keloid looks unusual, they may perform a skin biopsy.

This means removing a tiny portion of your keloid, so they can look at it under a microscope.

From there, your dermatologist decides if keloid treatment is the right procedure, or if they need to do more testing for conditions such as skin cancer.

How Are Keloids Treated?

There are several methods to remove a keloid scar like using topical steroids, an excision, or a combination of both. You can also have steroid injections spaced a few weeks apart to shrink or remove your keloid.

The best way to know what keloid treatments are right for you is by requesting a consultation from a dermatologist.

Where Can I Get the Best Keloid Treatments in Acworth, Georgia?

At Acworth Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center, we not only have the best keloid treatments, we have the best dermatologist, Dr. Jonathan Chappell, MD. You can trust your skin in his hands.

For questions about keloid treatments or any other skin issues, call us today at 678-505-8030 to book an appointment, and kick keloid scars to the curb.