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Suspicious Moles

Suspicious moles are lesions that have irregular characteristics. While they are not skin cancer, they can be a warning sign for melanoma.

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Same Day Skin Cancer Screenings

Finding a suspicious lesion, whether it’s a new or changing spot, can be quite alarming. In response to this discovery, most women and men call their dermatologist to schedule an urgent appointment. At Acworth Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center,…

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Do I Have Psoriasis?

World Psoriasis Day has been celebrated on October 29th for more than a decade with the goal of supporting those living with psoriasis as well as educating others about the condition. As people become increasingly aware of how psoriasis…

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Importance of SPF in the Fall

People often question the need to wear sunscreen in certain climates, weather conditions, and seasons. In fact, many women and men believe that they can forgo daily sunscreen as they transition into fall. But the reality is that even…

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The Benefits of Botox

Despite our best efforts, facial wrinkles and lines are usually inevitable. While serums, creams, facials, masks, and at-home treatments can certainly help, they are often unable to adequately correct wrinkles and restore smooth skin. If you have tried these…

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Skin Cancer Checks

In addition to limiting exposure to UV rays and practicing safe sun care, one of the best ways to protect yourself against skin cancer is an annual screening. Skin cancer checks are performed in the comfort of your dermatologist’s office…

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