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What SPF should my sunscreen have?
When you’re only outside for a few minutes at a time(incidental sun exposure) an SPF of 15 which filters out greater than 90% of UV radiation is probably sufficient. For prolonged intense exposure a broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or better is recommended.

How often should I reapply sunscreen?
Most people don’t put on the proper amount of sunscreen. It should take about the size of a golf ball to cover your entire body. It is especially important to reapply every 2 hours if you’re outside or immediately after intense sweating or swimming.

How often should I get a skin examination?
Once per year(at least). Even though skin cancer is the most common cancer in the world it is also one of the most treatable when detected early. Getting regular exams increases the likelihood of early detection.

Is it ok to tan?
No! There is no such thing as a healthy tan. Whether obtained at the beach, tanning bed, or incidental exposure a tan represents skin damage. Your body’s attempt to repair can lead not only to skin cancer but to wrinkling, leathery skin, and age spots.

How about the tanning bed?
Nooooooooo! Using a tanning bed just once before age 35 increases the chance of melanoma by 75%. A single session increases risk of basal cell cancer by nearly 30% and squamous cell cancer by 67%.