What Is a Keloid?

If you have noticed an overgrowth of scar tissue you may be asking yourself “what is a keloid, and do I have one?”

What Is a Keloid?

A keloid is scar tissue that has overgrown during the healing process for a skin injury. 

Keloids can occur in many instances when there has been trauma to the skin due to surgery, blisters, acne, piercings, and more. 

In some rare cases, a keloid can even form where that has not been a visible injury. 

Can Anyone Develop a Keloid?

While keloids can occur for anyone, there are individuals who are more prone to developing them. 

African Americans are a specific patient population who often experience keloids in their bodies. 

Keloids can affect both male and females and generally occur between the ages of 10 to 30. 

Keloid Treatments

It is important when considering keloid removal, to locate a doctor in your area who has extensive experience with this complicated procedure. 

There are many surgical methods that can be applied depending on the size, location, and severity of your keloid. 

Treatment options can include topical or intralesional steroids. 

Your doctor may also perform a surgical excision of your keloid.

In some cases, they may even combine surgical excision with steroid for an effective treatment. 

Is Keloid Removal Permanent?

Your doctor will be able to monitor your keloid removal to prevent it from regrowing during the healing process. 

However, for patients who are especially prone to developing keloids a return is possible. 

Find the Top Keloid Removal Doctor

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