Can I Remove a Keloid Scar?

You love the way you look and wouldn’t change a thing, except for that unsightly keloid scar.

Do you always feel like you’re trying to cover it up? Without treatment, scars are usually lasting. So, what is it and can I remove a keloid scar? 

What Even Causes Keloid Scars? 

Keloids, simply put, are textured buildup of scar tissue on your skin. You get them from injuries like punctures, burns, or severe acne.

Some people’s scars are much darker and more pronounced than the rest of their skin tone. They are commonly found in place like your earlobes, cheeks, and chest. However, you can get keloid scars on any part of your body. 

What Does a Keloid Scar Look Like? 

Unfortunately, keloid scars are usually larger than the original injury and can sometimes take months to fully develop. Symptoms of keloid scars are areas that are pink, red, or flesh-colored, a textured and raised area of the skin, or an itchy patch of skin.

So, Can I Remove a Keloid Scar? 

Though there are many home remedies for keloid scars, such as rubbing garlic on the affected area, they rarely lead to any successful results. It’s important to always consult a professional to be sure you actually have a keloid scar.

The best way to have a keloid scar removed is by a trained professional. Treatments can include topical or intralesional steroids and excision in combination with steroids. 

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