Skin Cancer Specialist in Marietta, Georgia

What You Need to Know From a Skin Cancer Specialist in Marietta, Georgia

The most commonly diagnosed form of cancer in the United States, skin cancer should never be neglected.

You need to know the telltale signs of this cancer, when it’s time to visit a specialist, and what can be done to help. Here’s some information from the top skin cancer specialist in Marietta, Georgia.

When Is It Time to Visit a Skin Cancer Specialist?

Understanding how to spot skin cancer and knowing how to screen yourself is an important element in determining if a mole or other blemish is harmless or needs to be examined by a dermatologist.

No matter the case, it’s better to be safe than sorry and visit a skin cancer specialist if you’re noticing these traits:

  • Asymmetrical mole
  • Sudden new mole
  • Border / edges of your mole have changed to become ragged or blurred
  • Mole has changed in size, color, or shape

Any concern is a valid concern when it comes to your skin, your body’s largest organ.

How Can They Help a Dermatologist Help?

There are many ways a skin cancer specialist in Marietta, Georgia can help you during this stressful time, such as a full-body assessment to determine whether you might have skin cancer, an in-depth look at the mole in question, biopsy / testing of the suspicious spot, and treatments depending on your specific case when necessary.

A skin cancer specialist will also aid in preventative measures, especially if skin cancer runs in your family.

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