How Can I Prevent Skin Cancer for Optimum Health?

Skin cancer affects millions of people each year, and the number keeps getting higher.

Overexposure to the sun is the main cause of skin cancer. No one wants to give up sunny days! If you’re asking how can I prevent skin cancer, there is great news! It can be quite easy to prevent.

How Can I Prevent Skin Cancer?

Here are four top tips to help ensure that the sun isn’t the cause.

Get Some Shade

The sun’s rays are the most harmful between 10 am and 2 pm. You don’t have to head indoors!

Find a shady spot and relax. It’s time to get out of the sun if you are taller than your shadow.

Cover Up 

Though it’s tempting to wear a little clothing as possible during summer, you should actually be wearing a long-sleeved, lightweight shirt, a wide-brimmed hat, pants, and sunglasses.

Whenever possible, buy clothing with an ultraviolet protection label.

Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen

When it comes to skin cancer prevention, sunscreen is your best friend.

Only use a broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen with a 30 or higher SPF. Wear sunscreen whenever you step outside, even when it’s cloudy. Be sure to reapply every two hours!

Ditch the Tanning Beds

Of course, it’s best to avoid tanning beds at all costs. Find a self-tanning product that suits your skin tone, and continue to use sunscreen.

The Best Way to Prevent Skin Cancer or Catch It Early Is to See Your Dermatologist Regularly

The best answer to your question, “How can I prevent skin cancer for optimum health” is to see your dermatologist as recommended . Find a dermatologist who is educated in skin cancer and will take the time to make sure your health is their number one priority.

Here at Acworth Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center, Dr. Johnathan Langston Chappell is the foremost authority on skin cancer. If you find something on your skin, we are here to help.

Please contact our friendly staff at 678-505-8030 for a consultation to help you better understand, evaluate, and protect your skin!