What Does a Skin Cancer Screening Consist Of?

Early detection and diagnosis are essential to successfully treating skin cancer.

Therefore, it’s important for everyone to complete monthly self-examines and see a board-certified dermatologist annually for skin cancer screening.

If you’ve never had this type of evaluation, you may be wondering: What does a skin cancer screening consist of?

Here are five tips to help you prepare for a skin cancer screeningDouglasville, GA.

1. The Screening Will Include a Head-to-Toe Exam

In order to ensure a thorough skin cancer screening, patients will disrobe and wear a grown during the evaluation.

The assessment will begin at your scalp and end at the bottom of your feet. Even areas that aren’t typically exposed to the sun will be examined, including the genitals.

2. Arrive with Clean, Bare Skin

Prior to your appointment, it’s recommended that you remove all makeup and nail polish.

These products can conceal areas that may be vulnerable to skin cancer and impede a comprehensive investigation.

3. There’s No Machine Involved in a Skin Cancer ScreeningDouglasville, GA

If this is your first screening, you may imagine that it involves different types of technology.

However, a skin cancer screening is purely a visual inspection with your dermatologist’s eyes and a lighted magnifying glass.

4. Bring Pertinent Medical Records

Patients that have had skin cancer issues in the past, should bring any pertinent records and lab reports to their skin cancer screeningDouglasville, GA.

This information provides a more complete picture of your skin cancer risk and helps avoid duplicate testing and/or treatments.

Additionally, medical records can assist in developing a well-informed treatment plan in the event that malignancy is detected.

5. Biopsy is Performed the Same Day

When a suspicious mole or lesion is observed during a skin cancer screening, a biopsy will be performed that same day.

The procedure takes several minutes and involves numbing the area with a local anesthetic and removing a small piece of tissue.

Results are usually available in one week.

Schedule a Skin Cancer ScreeningDouglasville, GA

If you haven’t had an annual check-up or recently noted a suspicious lesion, please call our office today to schedule a skin cancer screening Douglasville, GA.