Is Keloid Removal Permanent?

Is keloid removal permanent? For the thousands of individuals frustrated by unsightly and uncomfortable keloids, this is an important question.

The answer, in truth, is complicated as the chances of a keloid returning is possible.

However, the best chance you have to completely and effectively erase your keloid is through the expert hands of the best keloid surgeon in your area.

Scar Revision Surgery

If you are looking to address common scar removal, a surgeon should be able to blend your scar into the surrounding tissue for a more discreet appearance.

The method that your doctor will use to address a visible scar will depend largely on the type, size and location of your scar.

There are also ways to smooth the contours of your scar or to reposition your scar to a less noticeable area.

Scar Removal for Keloid Surgery

Keloid patients face a more serious issue as the nature of the keloid can surpass the original margins of the wound underneath which requires a larger surgical removal.

By removing the keloid scar, your surgeon can reclose the incision using special methods that will allow for a more discreet scar in its place.

Is Keloid Removal Permanent?

Following your scar removal surgery, your doctor will schedule follow up appointments to monitor the healing process.

In the instance where a keloid is returning or beginning to form after surgery, your doctor can simply apply a corticosteroid injection to prevent a recurrence.

Another way to prevent a keloid from forming is through a superficial external beam radiotherapy procedure that can be performed in the day or two immediately following your surgery.

Keloid Removal

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Dr. Chappell is not only a board-certified dermatologist, but he is also a fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon.

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