See a Keloid Specialist in Marietta, GA for Scar Removal

Collagen is a naturally occurring substance in your body and is useful in wound healing. There are times however when the body produces too much, causing keloid scars, or simply keloids, to form.

When that happens, do you need a keloid specialist in Marietta, GA? You might, and here’s why. 

What Triggers a Keloid Growth? 

A keloid can be triggered by any type of skin injury from something as simple as an insect bite to a more serious injury like burns. While keloids aren’t cancerous or contagious, they can be a threat to your quality of life if they are emotionally distressing. 

What Are Some Keloid Risk Factors?

Although the cause isn’t known, people with darker skin are more prone to keloid scarring. Genetics can also play a part as well as age. People between the ages of 20 to 30 most often develop keloid scars.

How Is a Keloid Diagnosed?

A simple skin examination is all that’s needed to diagnose a keloid. If a keloid is located near or on a joint, it may eventually impair your movement. Your keloid specialist in Marietta, GA may decide a skin biopsy is needed to determine the best treatment for you. 

What Are My Keloid Treatment Options? 

You have many options available to you. Corticosteroid injections, laser treatment, surgical removal, and cryotherapy are just a few. These treatments can reduce the size of your keloid, eliminate itching and / or pain, and may even stop a keloid from recurring. You may also benefit from more than one treatment. 

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