For Skin Cancer Treatment, Does Mohs Surgery Hurt?

Mohs surgery is the removal of cancerous tissues from the skin to help restore healthy skin.

It’s a fairly common procedure that is considered a micro surgery and that is purported to not leave a scar. This amazing technique is also less painful than some other skin cancer removal procedures. 

So, What’s the Deal, Does Mohs Surgery Hurt?

When it comes to any type of surgery, the first thing that many people worry about is how bad this procedure is going to hurt, both initially and through the healing process. For starters, this is a minimally invasive procedure, which means you are not going to have to be put fully under in most cases.

With this type of surgery, it is a micro surgery so it is not going to cause a ton of pain or issues when it comes to healing. General anesthesia to the area is administered, the area is incised and removed, and the area is then closed. 

When wondering about does Mohs surgery hurt, this is not a painful procedure and your doctor will work to make the smallest incision possible to help minimize pain as well as scarring and other issues. This type of surgery is generally going to be painless and is going to be an easy procedure to heal from with minimal pain before, during, and after surgery. 

The Bottom Line Is That No Surgical Procedure Is Without Risk of Pain, But Mohs Is Rarely Painful.

Does Mohs surgery hurt? This is a surgery and to say there is no pain involved would not be true.

But, the truth is that the pain is very minimal and that you will be anesthetized when it is taking place, so you will not feel the surgery. 

Don’t Let Fear of Pain Keep You From the Treatment You Need

While Mohs isn’t painful, you should never let the fear get in the way of receiving the best care for your skin cancer.

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