What Types of Cancer Does a Skin Cancer Specialist Near Me Treat?

A skin cancer diagnosis can leave you feeling scared, confused, and seeking answers.

Of course, the first step is to see a specialist, but it’s normal to sit in front of your computer trying to figure out where to start and wondering, “What types of cancer does a skin cancer specialist near me treat?”

What Types of Specialists Handle Skin Cancer?

Depending on the cancer stage, you may see a dermatologist, surgical oncologist, medical oncologist, or radiation oncologist.

You should only need a surgical oncologist if the cancer has reached a point where in-depth surgery is required, while a medical oncologist would handle chemotherapy and a radiation oncologist would handle radiation therapy.

If the case has not advanced to these stages, a dermatologist is usually the first line of defense.

What Types of Cancer Does a Skin Cancer Specialist Near Me Treat?

The most common forms of skin cancer are basal and squamous cell cancers. Both basal and squamous cells make up two of the three primary cells in the skin.

If caught early, both basal cell carcinoma, known as BCC, and squamous cell carcinoma, also known as SCC, have good outlooks and are curable. BCC and cSCC are typically caused by damage to the skin due to UV rays.

Both can appear as legions, red patches, open sores, or growths. However, BCC and SCC can look different for everyone, so it’s essential to go to an experienced dermatologist who can identify the differences.

Where Can I Find an Outstanding Skin Cancer Doctor Near Acworth?

If you’re in the Acworth area, look no further than Acworth Dermatology.

Dr. Johnathan Langston Chappell has extensive experience in Mohs surgery, one of the leading procedures for curing BCC and SCC, and was highlighted as one of the top doctors of Atlanta in Atlanta Magazine.

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