Skin Cancer Doctor Near Marietta

It is very important to find the right skin cancer doctor. You have to look for a dermatologist who listens to your concerns and whom you can trust to find any abnormal moles that could lead to skin cancer. Sometimes this search can take a while and seem really stressful. After all, it takes a while to build mutual trust. Here are some qualities that you should look for in your skin cancer doctor.

Make Sure That They Listen To You

It is very important that you find a dermatologist that listens to you. If you spot an abnormal mole that concerns you, report it to your doctor. If they take your concerns seriously and your well-being seriously, then they will listen to you and do what they can to assure you and investigate your concerns. After all, nobody knows your body better than you know it. However, they should also know not to listen to you all the way. After all, they are trained professionals. If every anxious patient had their way, moles and skin would be removed frequently and unnecessarily. Dermatologists should rein you in and help you determine what really needs to be examined or removed. You don’t want to get rid of anything unnecessarily!

Are They Using Their Actual Eyes And Hands To Examine Your Skin?

Good dermatologists cover every inch of your skin with not only their eyes but with their hands as well. Skin cancers can present as tiny flesh-colored bumps under the skin that can only be discovered by touch. If they’re especially thorough then your dermatologist will also be using tools to magnify any atypical moles. Some differences can be subtle, and magnifying tools can really help to examine any irregularities. They can help to clearly see border differences, color differences, and any other subtle differences.

Look For A Dermatologist With A Focus On Cancer

When you go to any doctor’s office, you generally want them to be experienced in your area of concern. Nobody goes to the dentist to have their eyes examined. Your dermatologist would preferably have a skin cancer specialty. However, if they have extensive experience with skin cancers then that is also great.

Make Sure That They’re Style Suits You

Not all dermatologists approach their jobs the same way. Some doctors are more conservative when it comes to removing abnormal moles while others are more liberal. Also, some like to remove abnormalities as soon as possible and some prefer to take their time and wait and see. Some dermatologists have a balance between the two. Make sure that you’re finding the right fit for you when you look for your dermatologist.

Is The Lab In The Office Or Is It Outside The Office?

The location of the lab doesn’t matter as much as the rest of this list. It does, however, impact how long it can take to impact your results. If the lab is in the dermatologist’s office then the wait may only be a few days. However, if the lab is outside the office, then pathology results could take a week or sometimes more to get back to you. If you’re an anxious patient then that wait, especially when it comes to cancer screening and mole removals could be excruciating.

How Accessible Is The Office?

If there are any last-minute changes, or you discover something pressing in your skin, then you want your dermatologist to be available. Nobody wants to wait a month to be seen. If they don’t have an opening, you should be able to call in or email your concerns. 

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