Skin Cancer Checks

In addition to limiting exposure to UV rays and practicing safe sun care, one of the best ways to protect yourself against skin cancer is an annual screening.

Skin cancer checks are performed in the comfort of your dermatologist’s office and are instrumental in diagnosing and treating skin cancer in its earliest stages.

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of skin cancer checks and what patients can expect from the screening process.

What Are the Benefits of Skin Cancer Checks?

Skin cancer checks are an excellent tool for the early diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer.

This is especially true for melanoma, which forms in melanocytes (pigment producing cells) and is considered the most dangerous form of skin cancer.

How Often Should You Have Skin Cancer Checks?

Everyone should perform monthly self-exams and evaluate any suspicious lesions for asymmetry, irregular borders, uneven color, diameter greater than the size of a pencil eraser, and evolution in a mole or spot’s appearance.

Additionally, you should also undergo an annual skin cancer screening performed by a board-certified dermatologist.

If you are at high-risk for melanoma, your physician may recommend more frequent screenings.

What Happens During a Skin Cancer Screening?

Skin cancer checks involve a visual examination of the entire body – from head- to-toe. During the evaluation, your dermatologist will use his eyes to inspect skin for concerning moles and spots.

He may also utilize a hand-held instrument called a dermoscopy, which consists of a lens and light that magnify the skin.

This device allows for a more thorough and in-depth analysis of the skin and can aid in detection of more subtle skin cancer characteristics.

High-resolution photography may also be recommended as part of a patient’s skin cancer check, as these images provide a baseline for future analysis.

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