Same-Day Skin Cancer Doctor

Whether you’re at an increased risk or not, it’s important to undergo routine skin cancer screenings. The purpose of these screenings is to detect cancer before it spreads, as this is when it’s highly treatable. Here’s what you can expect during your appointment with a same-day skin cancer doctor in Cartersville, Georgia.

How Often Should I Get Screened for Skin Cancer?

The frequency in which you should undergo skin cancer screenings depend on your health history, genetics, and other risk factors. Your doctor will recommend the timeline based on your age, your family history of skin cancer, and other factors.

Some doctors recommend a yearly screening for those at an average risk of melanoma or other types of skin cancer. However, patients with a high risk should be screened every three to six months.

Here’s What to Expect When Seeing a Same-Day Skin Cancer Doctor in Cartersville, Georgia

During a skin cancer screening, your skin will be thoroughly and carefully examined from head to toe. Your doctor will examine your scalp, between your fingers, your back, and even between your toes. During this appointment, if Be sure to point out any new or changing moles or spots you’ve noticed on your body. Your doctor will examine these more closely.

Your provider will examine any spots that look different from others. For example, spots with multiple colors, irregular borders, or are larger than 6mm in diameterYour same-day skin cancer doctor in Cartersville, Georgia may recommend a biopsy to test any areas that could be of concern.

Biopsies usually take just a few minutes to perform and heal within one to two weeks. Depending on the results from your biopsy, your doctor will schedule an appointment to discuss a treatment plan.

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