How to Find the Best Dermatologist in Marietta Georgia

When you locate the best dermatologist in Marietta Georgia you are making a decision that affects you and your loved ones for a healthier life.

Below is a guide for you to follow while navigating the dermatology practice options in your area.

Know What Specialty You Need

Did you know that there are many different kinds of dermatologists?

In most cases, you will find that a dermatologist will choose to open their practice with a singular focus on general or cosmetic dermatology, or with a focus on cancer treatment and prevention.

Needless to say, you should select the dermatologist that best fits your current needs but who also has a list of services that may also benefit you and your family in the future.

Choose a Convenient Location

Although you may promise yourself that you don’t mind a long commute, you will likely be kicking yourself for not finding a doctor close by, especially if you have a stressful concern.

Try to locate a doctor whose location and hours are convenient for your work/home schedule and location.

You’ll be happy you did.

Check Their Background

These days you can find everything you need to know about pretty much anyone on the internet and doctors are certainly no exception.

Always look into the background of a potential doctor to make sure that they are board certified, in good standing, and that they have a good reputation in their community.

Online reviews can provide some insight as to patient satisfaction levels as well.

Schedule a Consultation with The Best Dermatologist in Marietta Georgia

The most important thing you can do is to schedule a consultation with your potential doctor to make sure that you are comfortable working with them and happy with their practice.

Acworth Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center operates under the direction of Johnathan L. Chappell, MD.

Dr. Chappell is not only a board-certified dermatologist, but he is also a fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon.

To schedule a consultation at Acworth Dermatology today call us at (678)505-8030.