How to Choose the Best African-American Dermatologist in Georgia

Are you tired of sorting through the endless skincare choices in the drugstore or making expensive trips to a cosmetic counter to have little to no result?

Did you find something on your skin that worries you?

If you are at your wits end with your skin, or need to be checked for skin cancer, it’s time to find the best African-American dermatologist in Georgia.

The Best Dermatologist Has the Best Education

How do you choose the best dermatologist? Start by researching a dermatologist who has a reputable education and the best credentials. In order to give the best and latest treatment possible, it is important a dermatologist goes above and beyond a traditional medical degree.

The best African-American dermatologist in Georgia is certified by the American Academy of Dermatology and is dedicated to continuing his or her education.

The Best Dermatologist Knows Comfort is Key

The best dermatologist makes you feel comfortable. They should be happy to meet with you, and take

your skin concerns seriously. They understand that describing how your skin issues affect your day-to-day life is difficult, so they take their time to listen. 

Take the time to look for patient reviews. The best African-American Dermatologist in Georgia displays

kindness and is ready to help you transition into beautiful skin.

The Best African-American Dermatologist in Georgia Are Here at Acworth

At Acworth Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center, we have everything you need to settle into beautiful

skin. Dr. Johnathan Langston Chappell is a highly educated and awarded dermatologist. He is a Fellow of

the American Academy of Dermatology, and an active member of the American College of Mohs

Surgery. He is excellent in caring for all skin types, and an expert at diagnosing and treating skin cancer.Call our team of friendly professionals today at 678-505-8030 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Chappell today!