How Do I Find the Best Dermatologist for Me?

Today we discuss some strategies to help you answer the question “how do I find the best dermatologist near me?

Believe it or not, there are a few simple tips that can make finding the best new dermatologist an easy endeavor. 

Ask Everyone

The first thing you should do is to reach out to family, friends, and even other medical professionals to see who they might recommend in the area. 

If you are moving from a different location, your previous dermatologist might even be able to recommend someone in your new city. 

Read Credentials

When selecting a new dermatologist, you should always look at their credentials to make sure that they are accredited and in good standing in the dermatological community. 

Ask About Experience

Think about the skin concerns you would like to be covered. 

Once you have done so, make sure that any potential new dermatologist offers the treatment options that you are interested in. 

Consider Gender

In many cases, your doctor will be discussing personal concerns. 

If you prefer a specific gender doctor so that you can feel your most comfortable, please consider this when narrowing down your options. 

Ask About Telehealth

The worldwide pandemic has made in-person visits less than ideal. 

Always ask about potential telehealth visits so that you can receive care from the comfort of your home. 

Read Reviews

Online reviews are a great resource to get a quick glimpse at the patient satisfaction rating of any office. 

Schedule a Consultation 

If you are looking for a top dermatologist, schedule a consultation at Acworth Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center today. 

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Dr. Chappell is not only a board-certified dermatologist, but he is also a fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon.

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