Does My Insurance Cover Acne Visits?

Adult acne is the worst! It ruins every picture and is seemingly impossible to get rid of. No matter what product you buy over the counter, you still suffer from major breakouts.

Not to mention, makeup never really covers it up either. If you feel like acne is disrupting your life, then it’s time to get help from medical professionals. But, does my insurance cover acne visits? 

Why Do I Get Acne Anyway? 

Acne is usually caused by excess sebum or bacteria getting trapped in your hair follicles.

Yes, those monster pimples can come from the tiniest pore on your face. It is usually persistent and heals slowly. Not only can acne be severe, so can the scarring it leaves behind. 

What About Over-the-Counter Products for Acne Treatment? 

While over-the-counter products provide results for some people, they can actually make acne worse for others.

In fact, harsh soaps and cleansers have chemicals that irritate your skin and make your acne inflamed.  

When Should I See a Doctor? 

When you can’t get effective results on your own, you need to turn to medical care.

Doctors can prescribe medications, provide treatments that truly get results such as IPL therapy, and customize a skin care routine for you.  

So, Does My Insurance Cover Acne Visits to Finally Eliminate Adult Acne? 

Acne treatment can be covered by insurance when your insurance company considers your treatments a medical necessity. The type of insurance you carry also affects the chances of your acne visits being covered.

The best way to find out is by checking with your insurance or by scheduling a consultation with a skilled dermatologist in Acworth

Turn to Acworth Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center for Insurance Answers, as Well as Sensational Acne Treatment Results! 

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