Celebrating National Botox Day

Although Botox Cosmetic gained FDA-approval in 2002, 2019 was the first year that it was celebrated as a national day.

In fact, many women and men around the globe spent November 20 celebrating National Botox Day and enjoying Allergan’s Botox promotions.

To learn all about National Botox Day, including its origin, read on.

Celebrating National Botox Day

November 20, 2019 marked the first annual National Botox Day.

Allergan and its Brilliant Distinctions Rewards Program created the event as a way to celebrate Botox’s prominence in the aesthetic market and to thank their loyal customers.

What Is the Goal of National Botox Day?

Celebrating National Botox Day was all about championing the most well-known neurotoxin brand in the world. It was also a way to give back to regular Botox users, many of whom have been undergoing cosmetic injections for 15 or more years.

In addition, National Botox Day was designed to educate women and men who are interested in Botox injections.

More specifically, Allergan hopes to raise awareness about Botox’s benefits and potential risks and separate fact from fiction.

The latter is especially important as there are still many misconceptions about Botox and neuromodulators.

What Are the Busiest Days of the Year for Botox?

Allergan designated November 20 for celebrating National Botox Day, because it is the busiest day for Botox appointments.

In fact, research suggests that Botox appointment bookings are 79 percent higher on November 20 compared to other dates.

These findings aren’t surprising since Botox appointments typically spike around the holidays. December 4, December 21, December 11, October 26, December 19 and November 16 are among the busiest days for Botox during a calendar year.

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