Black Dermatologist Near Me

Why Choosing a Black Dermatologist Near Me Is Important If You Have Dark Skin

It can be challenging to find a dermatologist with the necessary experience to treat you if you have dark skin.

In fact, it can be outright frustrating to shuffle through specialist after specialist with ineffective results because they don’t understand how to best treat your skin.

Finding a dermatologist of color can help. If you’re asking yourself, “Why is choosing a black dermatologist near me important,” keep reading!

How Does the Color of My Skin Impact My Treatment?

Darker tones have increased melanin, a pigment found in the skin. People with dark skin tend to have overactive sebaceous glands that can impact various treatments for conditions such as acne, keloids, and eczema

People of color are more susceptible to hyperpigmentation, keloids, and scarring.

A good dermatologist will take these factors into account while creating a treatment plan with a balanced and appropriate approach. 

Why Is Choosing a Black Dermatologist Near Me Important?

Did you know that only 47% of dermatologists feel like they received enough education in working with people of color? That’s an astoundingly low number. Dermatologists of color have a better understanding of different skin types due to their own experiences.

They often have a better understanding of varied cultures and ethnicities, which can be helpful in identifying the root cause of dermatological issues.

How Can I Find the Best Black Dermatologist Near Me?

People in the greater Atlanta area don’t have to look far to find a fantastic black dermatologist who understands how to treat people of all skin tones. Just head over to see us at Acworth Dermatology. 

Dr. Johnathan Langston Chappell has an impressive background, having studied at some of the top schools in Alabama, Illinois, and Washington DC. He has extensive experience working with patients from all ethnicities.

Call us today at 678-505-8030 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Chappell! Better skin is just a phone call away!