Best Skin Cancer Doctor in Marietta, Georgia

About 20% of Americans will develop skin cancer at some point in their lifetime. As the most common type of cancer, it’s important that you know what causes it, how to spot it, and when it’s time to see the best skin cancer doctor in Marietta, Georgia. Here’s what you need to know knowledge is power!

What Causes Skin Cancer, and How Do You Prevent It?

Skin cancer occurs due to an uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in your epidermis, which is the outer layer of your skin. This can result in malignant (cancerous) tumors that can look like simple moles, scaly patches, and growths.

There are four main types of skin cancer – basal cell carcinoma (BCC), melanoma, Merkel cell carcinoma (MCC), and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC). Each type looks different. The main trigger for skin cancer is ultraviolet rays, either from the sun or UV tanning beds, so sun safety is the best way to prevent it.

What Are the Four Main Signs That It’s Time to See a Dermatologist?

The only good news about skin cancer is that it’s one of the easiest cancers to spot and successfully treat. But, you need to know how to check for it and use that information to decide when it’s time to see the best skin cancer doctor in Marietta, Georgia.

During a self-examination, look for these signs to determine when it’s time to book a professional full-body skin exam.

1. You notice the ABCDEs of melanoma.

Melanoma is the least common yet most dangerous form of skin cancer because of how rapidly it can spread to other organs. It most often looks like a mole.

There is a tried-and-true way to spot it called the ABCDEs of melanoma. A is for asymmetry, B is for border, C is for color, D is for diameter, and E is for evolving. This refers to abnormalities in any of these aspects, such as a poorly defined border or regular changes to the mole.

2. You have signs of other types of skin cancer.

The symptoms of skin cancer can vary significantly. BCC can look like a pearly bump, a flat, flesh-colored or brown lesion, or bleeding and scabbing sore that doesn’t heal or heals and returns. MCC looks like firm and shiny nodules, most found on the head, neck, and trunk. SCC appears either as a firm and red nodule, or flat lesion with a scaly and crusty surface.

3. It’s Time for Your Annual Skin Exam

You should receive a skin cancer screening from a dermatologist at least once a year to stay up-to-date on your status and even catch precancerous growths. If you are at a higher risk due to living in a sunny climate, genetics, and similar factors, you should receive a skin examination more frequently.

4. You Would Rather Be Safe Than Sorry

It’s really that simple – you would rather know that it’s a false alarm than continue on and think nothing of a mole or spot on your body that may be cancer. When it comes to your health, especially skin cancer, it is always better to address reasonable or “unreasonable” suspicions, so don’t take your chances.

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