3 Tips From a Skin Cancer Doctor in Calhoun, Georgia on Performing a Self-Exam

When it comes to skin cancer, early detection is your strongest ally. Imagine having the tools and knowledge to become an active participant in your skin health.

With guidance from a seasoned skin cancer doctor in Calhoun, Georgia, you can start empowering yourself towards a healthier future.

By regularly performing skin self-exams, you’re not just protecting yourself. You’re taking a proactive step in maintaining your overall health. Encourage your loved ones to do the same, because when it comes to skin cancer, awareness and early detection truly save lives.

  1. Perform Skin Checks Every Month

Why should you make skin self-exams a routine? The truth is, anyone can be at risk of skin cancer, regardless of age, gender, or skin color. But there’s good news – when caught early by a skin cancer doctor in Calhoun, Georgia, it’s highly treatable. Armed with the right knowledge, you can spot potential issues early on and seek professional help. Do a head-to-toe check monthly.

  1. Use Mirrors for a Quick, Easy, and Thorough Self-Exam

Performing a skin self-exam is simpler than you might think. From examining your body in a full-length mirror to using a hand mirror to check hard-to-see areas, only a few minutes every month could make a significant difference.

  1. Be Sure to Look for the ABCDEs of Melanoma

 Remember to look out for the ABCDEs of melanoma, which include:

  • Asymmetry
  • Border irregularities
  • Color irregularities
  • Diameter larger than the size of a pencil eraser
  • Evolution – changes to any of the above and consult a doctor if you notice any concerning changes.

Bonus Tip: See a Skin Cancer Doctor in Calhoun, Georgia Every Year

Empower yourself today by making skin self-exams and annual skin checks by a dermatologist a part of your routine. Acworth Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center is here for your annual skin wellness visits!

We are committed to providing comprehensive care and support. Contact us today at 678-505-8030 for more information, and embark on a journey to healthier skin!